Make the first three years count!

This free email course will introduce you to ideas that will have a profound impact on your child’s development and maximize your child’s potential.

Make the first three years count!

A FREE Email Course

7 Days of Simple Ideas

Expert child development guidance grounded in over 40 years of work in child brain development combined with two generations of practical parenting experience.

Recommended Reading

Want to go deeper? In this series we share some of our favorite resources that include books and websites to go deeper on the topics we cover.

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Overwhelmed by which products ACTUALLY help your child develop? We share some of the best practical products that will help your child grow and develop.

Make the first three years count!

BrainFit Kids combines extensive expertise in child brain development and “in the trenches” practical experience to help you raise children who are smart, capable and compassionate.  Parenting with the Brain in Mind matters because all physical, intellectual, social, and emotional ability is the direct result of the natural and orderly development of the human brain.

We are not, however, trying to rush a child's development, bur rather ensure that a child has the greatest number of options available to them and therefore the best possible chance to reach their potential, whatever that potential may be.

This free seven day course will introduce you to our philosophy and cover a number of topics including:

  • The BrainFit Kids Story
    • Parenting with the Brain in Mind
  • Creating Attachment with your child
  • Tummy Time
    • Creating the Opportunity for Movement
    • Tummy Crawling for Transportation
    • Secrets to successful creeping & walking
  • Talking and Reading
    • How to make talking and reading a way of life
  • Hands on Play



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