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Charles and Conceição are available for private consultations to answer questions or concerns you might have related to your child’s development. Through these consultations, we provide you with personalized support and guidance related to your child’s individual needs.



Charles and Conceição founded the Reach Family Institute whose mission is to transform children’s lives by empowering parents and professionals with knowledge and tools related to human brain development and parenting with the brain in mind.

REACH’s Home Program (RHP) is a comprehensive, individualized program of accelerated brain development, designed to meet each child’s individual needs. As the name implies, the program is taught to parents and carried out at home. The program addresses the central issue in virtually all developmental difficulties, the development and organization of the whole brain.

More information can be found on the Reach Family Institute’s Home Program page.



Charles and Conceição Solis have lectured to thousands of parents and professionals in the United States, Venezuela, Brazil, Mexico, France, Spain, Portugal, England, Poland, Norway, Denmark, Switzerland, and Vatican City. Their speaking engagements have ranged from small gatherings to large international congresses. Their passionate message always includes respect for life and human dignity, the hope for the future found in the miracle of brain development, the importance of the family, the rights of parents, and parenting with the brain in mind. Their vast knowledge and experience, along with their passion for children and their potential, has made them frequent speakers at international conferences including speaking engagements at the Vatican and at the World Congress of Families II in Geneva.



No workshops are currently scheduled; however, if you wish to partner with us in setting up either of the following workshops we would be happy to schedule something in your area.

Parenting with the Brain in Mind 101™

Charles and Conceição Solis explain child development with a focus on the developing brain and share proven techniques that they have perfected over decades of hands-on application, simple ideas with profound impact.

Come learn the key to raising a compassionate, happy, and highly capable child.

BrainFit Kids in Action – An Educational Series and Playgroup on Parenting with the Brain in Mind

Are you wondering why tummy time is important? Curious about what key things you should be doing at home with your new baby? This series begins with an evening introductory presentation by Charles and Conceição Solis, specialists in child brain development. Charles and Conceição give an overview of child development with a focus on the developing brain and share proven techniques they have perfected over decades of hands-on clinical application.

Following the introduction, there are 6 subsequent playgroups in which Juliana Gaither will teach 6 essential activities that maximize your child’s potential. Simple ideas with profound impact. These sessions are casual so you can bring your little ones and they can play while you learn key tools to help your baby in this crucial time of development. There is lots of time for hands-on interaction with your baby in a comfortable environment where we can have a good discussion and answer practical questions.

This series benefits expectant parents and those with children under 6 months.

Make the first three years count!

This free email course will introduce you to ideas that will have a profound impact on your child’s development and maximize your child’s potential.